Knowledge and Expertise

RETAIL ALLIANCE CONSULTING has drawn together a panel of passionate retail experts covering all the major disciplines of retail.

We can consult individually, or as a team or part thereof, depending on your needs. We are able to handle specific projects and are flexible in terms of engagement i.e hourly, project-based, monthly, or on a retainer basis.

As a team of experienced retailers, we can assist you in improving:

• Revenue

• Customer experience 

• Team performance 

• Expense control 

• Stock efficiencies 

• ROI and profitability 

RAC are also available to assist corporations with specific projects, particularly when their teams are stretched with their own operational responsibilities.


Store layout
Staff scheduling
Shrinkage control
Stockroom management
Trading densities
Retail standards
Sales enhancement
Strategic view of operations
SWOT analysis
Review ways of working
Overview of controls and retail disciplines


Examination of business financial structure
Options for finance funding
Understanding business model viability
Detailed examination of budgets
Examine cost structures
Cash flow modelling and planning
Shrinkage and loss prevention
Cross consult with other disciplines

Merchandise and Space Planning

Store layouts
Fixture plans
Counter design
Competitor analysis
Markdown management
Pricing management
Merchant maths training
Budget building process
Projecting sales and stock
OTB management
Assortment planning

Logistics and Supply Chain

Supply chain management and optimisation
Inventory management
Transport management
Freight: Air & road

Key Accounts and Supplier Relations

Leverage on supplier capabilities
Deliver cost reductions
Improve security of supply
Manage supplier risk profile
Sustainable sourcing
Increase responsiveness of the supply chain
Becoming a “customer of choice”
Refined SRM
(Supplier relationship management)

Retail Marketing and Brand Building

Brand analysis
Competitive brand analysis
Brand development
Visual architecture
Point of sale design
Promotional campaign design
Promotional concepts
Consumer messaging
Digital and Social Media Marketing

Project Management and I.T.

Stocktake consulting & support
Stocktake outsourcing
Project management
& implementation of:
Project charter
Project management plan
Business case
Swot analysis
Post project review


ECommerce website design
Promotional messaging
Latest news
Shopping cart and search
Members area
Payment gateways
Social media integration
Easy contact
Store finder
Trust marks

Human Resources

Setting up an HR department
Recruitment and selection
Employee induction
On-Boarding programmes
Exit interviews
Recognition programmes
Team building
Employer/employee relations
Job analysis

Visual Merchandising

Design & layout
POS, propping & mannequins
Promotional windows
Store layout
Lighting solutions
Marketing direction
Specialist VM training

Store Design

Implement the retailers strategy
Positively influence consumer buying behavior
Provide flexibility
Control design and maintenance costs
Meet legal requirements
Provide visual excitement
Space management


Site selection
Rental negotiations
Lease guidance
Exit clauses
Proximity / adjacancies
Traffic flow, traffic patterns, parking.

Risk and Loss Strategy

Establishing Context
Identifying Risks
Assessing and Prioritizing Risks
Analyzing / Quantifying / Integrating Risks
Monitoring and Reviewing

Why Choose Us

  • We have 350 years of collective industry-specific experience
  • We have worked on major national and international brands
  • We are unique in that we are independent
  • We are passionate about the intricacies of retail
  • We are equally passionate about profitable and sustainable growth
  • We want to empower retailers of all sizes
  • Most of all, we want to give back!