Christmas trees should stay in the corner of the living room!

One of the most apt descriptions for a ‘too busy’ piece of design, is when that piece of design is compared with a Christmas tree. Quite appropriate I would say. When looking at a Christmas tree, one generally doesn’t know where to look first! As a designer and art director in retail communication over a period of 18 years, I have constantly been challenged to make a piece of retail communication look LESS ‘Christmas Tree’. What I mean by this, is that the challenge was to NOT clutter the layout with so many ‘equally important’ call-to-actions, headlines, products, promotions, discounts, SALE prices or features and benefits, that the consumer didn’t know where to set his eyes first.

I see this so often in retail, where it is usually the client who wants EVERYTHING TO BE IMPORTANT, that in the end…nothing is! It is our job as seasoned retail creatives, to navigate our clients through these wild waters, toward balanced, crafted, easy-on-the-eye and effective retail communication!