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In 2017, retail will be riveting and relevant.

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Stemming from last year’s push toward personalized experiences, this year’s hottest retail trends will elevate the customer experience with superior quality products and build closer relationships with consumers so companies can confidently deliver what shoppers want. The following predictions reflect what retail and consumer goods companies need to know to prepare for the year ahead to [...]

Success is neither magical nor mysterious

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Make your retail offering compelling! ‘Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.’ - Jim Rohn; ‘1% improvement in everything you do might not seem very much. Yet, over the period of a year and applied to every area of your life, the differences and impacts will be considerable.’ - Thea Westra, Author of [...]

Cut the Clutter

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Christmas trees should stay in the corner of the living room! One of the most apt descriptions for a ‘too busy’ piece of design, is when that piece of design is compared with a Christmas tree. Quite appropriate I would say. When looking at a Christmas tree, one generally doesn’t know where to look first! As [...]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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The new model of competition suggests that individual companies… The new model of competition suggests that individual companies compete not as a company against company , but rather as supply chain against supply chain. Thus the successful companies will be those whose supply chains are more efficient and cost effective than those of their competitors. Under [...]